Monday, June 4, 2018

Camping hacks from the Morgans

Planning on going camping this summer?  Here are 7 camping hacks that will leave you wondering how you ever survived camping without them!

1. First off, ditch the camper - and even the tent.  Just pack a bag and head out.  Leave it all behind.  Become a drifter.  You gave it a shot.  Now it's time to move on.

2. For a quick and easy fire starter, just bring a flamethrower.  Ignore that bear in the jeans and silly hat.  He's just talking crazy again.

3. Want fresh eggs for breakfast while you're living off the grid?  Bring a chicken with you. Seriously. His name's Carl.  He loves long road trips. He'll be at your house in the morning.

4. Wondering how to keep clean on a camping trip when you're far away from showers?  Wait until it rains*.  It's probably going to rain again soon, right? Just go stand outside.  Boom - you're clean.

5. For mosquitoes and biting flies - still have that flamethrower handy?  I'm kidding, but seriously - what is Carl doing anyway?  Don't chickens eat mosquitoes??

6. Natural tick repellant - don't go outside.  Bring plenty of electronics and camp somewhere with wifi.

7. Hotels.  Forget it - this is too hard.  Make sure it's a pet-friendly hotel.  Carl needs to maintain a certain lifestyle.

Now get out there and have some fun!

*Not recommended for winter or desert camping. 

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